Serein of my mind

They were peeking out of the window, my bedside window with their multicolored texture and sublime beauty. They were looking at me with their invisible eyes and tempting me to get lost in those beautiful colors, to let the rhythmic breeze it had to fill up my brain. It wanted us to be together again, like we had been, some years before. When the darkness of the night welcomed ghostly monsters in my head, when my eyelids wouldn’t close without the stories of never land, the times when I knew parents could never be wrong, when I thought the clouds to be giant cotton candies and believed that there really was a woman with silvery white hair in the moon who never died but only grew older each day and spun a spinning wheel. The times when i was not aware of the difference between reality and fantasy, because they were a part of me, they had protected me from the realism of life with their charm.

After a few years, I had known the power of reality and how high it had been made by the people, the people who do not believe that the impossible can be made possible, who don’t believe in magic, who don’t believe in the power of love, who cant smile without reason, who hold their happiness hopes tightly so that they cant fly high; the people who have forgotten how to dream.

I pity them…I put up my curtains and my room darkened as I realized I myself was one of them.


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